Personal Injury Claims: 3 Types Of Evidence Required For Proving Mental Pain And Suffering

If you're involved in an accident and are making a personal injury claim, you are entitled to compensation for non-economic losses. This includes pain and suffering endured from the accident. Usually, the amount of compensation you'll be rewarded for pain and suffering will be 1.5 to 4 times the total amount rewarded for medial bills and loss wages. The amount rewarded depends on how strong your case is. Here are 3 types of evidences that most personal injury attorneys recommend using. [Read More]

Making Sense Of The Custody Maze

If you and your spouse are getting divorced and have to hammer out a custody agreement for your child, you're going to encounter a lot of terms that look like they're referring to the same thing, but there are subtle differences between them. A good lawyer can help you make sense of all the terms, but it helps to have at least a brief understanding as you go into court. [Read More]

Three Tips for Protecting Your Digital Assets

Estate planning has come a long way over the past few decades. No longer is it about assets that have a monetary value, it is also about your digital footprint. With the rise in Internet usage, more and more people are concerned about how their social media accounts, emails, and online photos will be used. From being able to pay bills to safeguarding your identity, your loved ones can struggle when your digital assets are not included in your estate plan. [Read More]

How To Avoid Being Held Liable For An Accident After You Sell You Vehicle

Many people think that once they sell their vehicles to another party they don't have to worry about those cars or trucks anymore, and most of the time they're right. Unfortunately, life is full of exceptions, and one of them is you could be held liable for an accident caused by a vehicle you previously owned if the new owner failed to transfer the title and registration into his or her name. [Read More]