Toys That Disappoint And Hurt: How To Manage These Issues

In the course of toy-making, there have been quite a few flops. There have also been toys that severely hurt or harm children. Consider the lead paint scandal, when a well-known toy manufacturer had to recall so many toys because they were found to contain lead paint. Since it has been ascertained that many severe cases of developmental disorders are the direct result of children chewing on or licking toys that have been painted with paints containing heavy metals like lead, it is no wonder that many parents are leery of buying such toys again. [Read More]

Things You Might Want To Do When Planning Your Estate

When you've spent a lifetime accumulating wealth and possessions, you want to make sure they are distributed according to your wishes once you are gone. The best way to do that is to plan your estate while you are still alive. There are many reasons to work with an attorney to get your estate in order, even if you don't have many assets. You can save your surviving family members a lot of stress and expense if your affairs are in order when you pass. [Read More]

Think You Don't Need A Legal Separation Agreement? Think Again

The divorce process happens gradually, over the course of a months. Even fairly simple, uncontested divorces cases take time. At some point after you file for divorce, it may occur to you that you are in a transitional period, still married but separated from your partner. This time can bring with it some feelings of insecurity and financial problems, unless you take the time to make an agreement that covers the transition with some legal provisions. [Read More]

Questions to Ask When You Are Hiring a Traffic Law Attorney

If you have received a traffic ticket, you may be considering hiring an attorney to help you fight the ticket. Fighting traffic tickets is becoming more prominent with companies popping up that focus specifically on this task. This is because the cost of fines for traffic tickets are expensive and your insurance can increase if you are found guilty of the infraction you are said to have committed. But before you hire a traffic law attorney, it is important to understand that not every law firm is the same. [Read More]