3 Potential Causes Of Slips And Falls In A Retail Setting

Slip and fall accidents can happen just about anywhere, including inside of a grocery store or other retail store. If you have never fallen inside a place of business before, you could be wondering how this type of thing happens. There are actually a few different common causes of slip and fall accidents inside retail stores; these are three of the potential causes. 1. Spilled Liquids First of all, spilled liquids can cause these accidents. [Read More]

Medical Malpractice And Pregnancy: Three Reasons To Pursue A Case

Pregnancy and childbirth is supposed to be a beautiful time in any mother's life, despite the morning sickness and other pregnancy-related symptoms. In some cases, the negligence of a physician can cause detrimental harm to the mother and/or baby. If you believe that a doctor put your or your baby's health at risk or caused an injury, you may be able to sue to cover medical costs and other damages. Here are three types of medical malpractice cases that involve pregnancy and childbirth you should know about. [Read More]

A Wrongful Death Attorney That Will Fight For You

There are few things that are sadder than losing a loved one. It is even harder when your loved one has died due to the actions of another party. This could be in the form of medical malpractice, inaction by a nursing homes staff, or negligence in any of its forms. There is nothing that can bring your loved one back, but holding the guilty party responsible for what they have done can help you and your family find some measure of peace in a trying time. [Read More]

A Worker's Comp Guide For Employers

When you're setting up your insurance coverage, one part that you need to think about is worker's compensation. Here's what you need to know about your rights and responsibilities.  It Only Covers Work Injuries Worker's compensation does not cover injuries that the employee received outside of work hours and duties. There may be some gray area for whether an injury was work related. For instance, if an employee injures himself on work property while off-hours or even while not permitted to be on the property, you will still need to submit workers compensation paperwork in order to see whether the claim is valid or not. [Read More]