3 Potential Causes Of Slips And Falls In A Retail Setting

Slip and fall accidents can happen just about anywhere, including inside of a grocery store or other retail store. If you have never fallen inside a place of business before, you could be wondering how this type of thing happens. There are actually a few different common causes of slip and fall accidents inside retail stores; these are three of the potential causes.

1. Spilled Liquids

First of all, spilled liquids can cause these accidents. In some cases, this can be tough for business owners and employees, who might not be aware of the spill. A customer could spill a drink or drop a food item, or an employee could unknowingly contribute to a leak of cleaning supplies or other liquids. Regardless, these spilled liquids can put customers at risk of slipping and falling if they are not cleaned up adequately and quickly.

2. Lack of Signage After Floor Cleaning

Sure, any good business should be cleaned regularly, including the floor. This is especially important in high-traffic areas of the store, where customers may have tracked in dirt or mud. However, each time that a floor is mopped, it is critical for employees to put out "Wet Floor" signs to warn customers of the potential to slip and fall. Then, customers can prepare themselves or attempt to avoid the wet floor, rather than stepping onto a wet floor and getting a nasty, slippery surprise.

3. Issues with Rugs, Mats or Carpet

Some slip and fall accidents happen due to issues with rugs, mats or carpet. Rugs and mats can become flipped over from the corners, which can leave a bump that customers can trip and fall on. Carpet can become bunched up over time, which isn't just unsightly -- it's also dangerous. Rugs or mats that have curled edges, holes or other damage can also cause someone to trip and fall.

As you can see, there are actually a lot of common causes of slip and fall accidents inside retail stores of all types. To keep yourself safe, it's important to keep your eye out for these three things while you're in a place of business. In fact, you can even notice the store manager or other personnel in the event that you witness one of these potentially dangerous situations. If you do find yourself getting hurt due to a slip and fall accident -- whether for one of these reasons or for another reason altogether -- consider working with a slip and fall attorney like Putnam Lieb to get the legal assistance that you need.