4 Key Purposes Of A Divorce Petition

A divorce petition is a document you file with the court at the start of divorce proceedings, and this document serves several key purposes. If you are preparing for a divorce and would like to know more about this petition, here are four of the key purposes it serves. To initiate the divorce process The primary purpose of a divorce petition is to begin the proceedings for a divorce. You cannot begin a divorce without filing this petition. [Read More]

4 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning An Estate

When handling estate planning work, there are lots of moving parts you have to keep an eye on. Focus on these four items to give beneficiaries a better chance of truly benefiting from your estate's transfer. Obtain Counsel It's hard to overstate how much value an estate planning attorney can provide. You're going to be signing a lot of documents. More importantly, every one of those documents is potentially subject to scrutiny. [Read More]

Been In A Car Accident? Why It's So Important For You To Hire An Auto Accident Attorney

A car accident can change the trajectory of your life in a single instant. When you're in the collision time seems to slow down and you're sometimes even able to mentally document exactly what is taking place even though you have most likely been thrown into a state of shock due to the impact. Once the accident has occurred and you're struggling to recover it's easy to start feeling overwhelmed. There are so many pieces to put back together and you may not feel like you're up for the task. [Read More]

Top Reasons For A Company To Need The Services Of An Environmental Law Attorney

Environmental law is a branch of law that concerns the rules and regulations surrounding natural resources and protecting the environment. In addition, environmental laws are designed to ensure that companies and corporations in certain industries follow specific rules and regulations in order to ensure that as little harm as possible is done to the natural environment. When people think of running a company, they typically assume that working with a tax attorney or corporate attorney is essential, but there are also many cases where a company should hire an environmental law attorney as well. [Read More]