3 Big Benefits Of Bail Bonds

After an individual is arrested, a judge may order that they post bail — or a set amount of cash — before they are released from jail. This is often done to ensure that the accused appears in court on a particular date in the future, lest they forfeit the full amount of their bail. While some people may have thousands of dollars in savings that they can immediately use to post bail, this is rarely the case for the average household. [Read More]

How A Family Lawyer Can Help You Address Alcoholism And Its Effects On Your Marriage

The relationship between alcohol and divorce is long and complex. While it might be hard to point out alcoholism as the sole factor that leads to the separation of married couples, it is a contributing factor in most cases. Perhaps the best way to look at alcoholism in the family unit should be to view it as a symptom of a bigger problem and not as the problem. Here are ways in which a family lawyer can help you deal with the effects that alcoholism has on the family unit and possibly even help you avoid divorce. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Disclosure In Bankruptcy Law

Most bankruptcy cases are uncomplicated proceedings, at least as anything involving the law might go. However, disclosure is one area where things can get complex. Let's look at what disclosure is and when it might be an issue of importance in bankruptcy law. What is Disclosure? The court has the right to order you to disclose all materially relevant information about your financial situation during a bankruptcy case. Normally, a bankruptcy lawyer tries to frontload as much of the disclosure as possible. [Read More]

Is A Construction Company Liable For Delays?

When you're waiting on new construction, delays can be both irritating and costly. It's only natural that you might want to hold the construction company liable. The question is, do you have a claim for a lawsuit? What Are the Potential Damages in a Construction Delay Lawsuit? There are several harms construction claims can cause that can give you the right to collect legal damages. If you're building a house for yourself that you're expecting to move into, you might need to pay extra to find a place to live while your new house is being finished. [Read More]