Don't Let Banking Issues Affect Your Estate

Estate plans that cover big issues like investments and real estate are often at the forefront when planning an estate. Bank accounts, however, may not garner much notice. In most cases, your estate planning lawyer will ask you about your checking and savings accounts you use for day-to-day bill-paying. The funds in those accounts could be needed by your loved ones, and it's important not to assume they will be able to access them. [Read More]

Accused of Theft? Possible Criminal Defense Strategies

If you have been accused of any kind of crime, it is essential that you have a compelling and strategic defense, as this will be key to maintaining your innocence and for obtaining optimal results. A criminal defense attorney will talk to you about the details and circumstances of your individual situation to decide what the appropriate approach is. Keep reading to learn about a few strategies that attorneys often use to help their clients who have been accused of theft. [Read More]

Hurt On The Job? Top Ways A Work Accident Attorney Can Help

One of the scariest financial times in your life may be when you've been hurt at work. You could be unsure of your future because your job is how you earn you living. Not being able to keep your bills paid could cause a great deal of havoc in your life. You'll want to work fast to remedy this situation, and this may mean hiring a work accident attorney to assist you. [Read More]

4 Key Purposes Of A Divorce Petition

A divorce petition is a document you file with the court at the start of divorce proceedings, and this document serves several key purposes. If you are preparing for a divorce and would like to know more about this petition, here are four of the key purposes it serves. To initiate the divorce process The primary purpose of a divorce petition is to begin the proceedings for a divorce. You cannot begin a divorce without filing this petition. [Read More]