6 Potential Defenses When Facing Deportation

If you're preparing to speak with a deportation defense attorney about a case, it's a good idea to learn what some of your options may be. Someone facing deportation might want to consider one of these 6 defenses. Adjustment of Status This defense can come up for a handful of reasons simply because the system often encourages people to move from one status to another. Especially with family and employment immigration petitions, people get caught between shifts in statuses. [Read More]

Medical Malpractice Cases You Haven't Considered

In many ways, people do not know exactly what makes a strong medical malpractice case. Unfortunately, some people may not realize they could be eligible to sue somebody for the injuries they have experienced. As such, if you've been the victim of a medical malpractice case, you are not alone. These are some of the unexpected and rare cases in which people sue for medical malpractice. Obstetric Malpractice Obstetricians can be sued for medical malpractice. [Read More]

What Counts As A Misrepresentation In Real Estate Law?

One of the main reasons a home seller or broker will likely want to hire a real estate law firm to help them is to address possible misrepresentations. Even an innocent misrepresentation can blow up a deal, or worse, lead to allegations of fraud. Given how problematic misrepresentations are, you'll probably want to know what makes a statement misrepresentive. Material Features When someone is purchasing a property, they want to know basic things about the place. [Read More]

Building A Sexual Assault Defense

If you are accused of sexual assault, you have to build a strong defense. Sexual assault is a serious felony that can lead to years spent in prison if you are convicted. An assault conviction could lead to you needing to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. You do not want to face a sexual assault conviction alone. It can have serious implications on your life. [Read More]