How A Family Lawyer Can Help You Address Alcoholism And Its Effects On Your Marriage

The relationship between alcohol and divorce is long and complex. While it might be hard to point out alcoholism as the sole factor that leads to the separation of married couples, it is a contributing factor in most cases. Perhaps the best way to look at alcoholism in the family unit should be to view it as a symptom of a bigger problem and not as the problem. Here are ways in which a family lawyer can help you deal with the effects that alcoholism has on the family unit and possibly even help you avoid divorce. 

Social Drinking

Drinking with friends is an accepted part of modern life. It is typical for family members to have a glass of wine or a bottle with friends after work. Alcohol also features in all important family occasions and gatherings. The norm poses a problem because it is now harder to spot when a family member develops addiction issues. Sadly, most people realize that their relatives are in trouble when they are already deep in the problem. You will start experiencing financial issues, violence and other characteristics of addiction. If you have been experiencing domestic violence as a result of alcoholism, work with a family lawyer to get justice that you deserve.

Alcohol as a Symptom

It is common for people to want to walk away from family members that have become alcoholic and abusive. Family lawyers also recommend that you stay away from a spouse once they become verbally, financially, and physically abusive because they cannot hold their liquor. However, they also offer countless solutions for people who realize that they have a problem and are willing to resolve it. Some of the solutions include making the affected party agree to seek help in going into rehabilitation. They could also recommend therapy for the patient. Most of the time, people take alcohol to distract themselves from unresolved emotional issues. If your spouse has an addiction stemming from unresolved emotions, therapy can help prevent a split. 

Deciding to Separate

It is also important to note that you do not have to suffer abuse as you try to help a spouse with addiction issues. If you decide to part ways, a family lawyer can help put checks that will ensure your safety. These include restraining orders and agreements on child custody and support.

The best way to handle an alcoholic spouse is with the help of a family lawyer. Consult one and have them explain all the options available in dealing with the situation for the best possible outcome. Find a family law attorney near you today.