The Importance Of Retaining An Evictions Attorney To Address Tenants

As moratoriums end on evictions, you, as a landlord, may be faced with a number of tenants who are significantly behind paying rent. You want to remove them from your properties and open up your units to people who will pay rent on time and fulfill their contractual obligations to you.

However, you cannot simply kick out delinquent tenants without going through an extensive legal process first. You can begin by hiring an experienced evictions attorney to represent you.

Issuing Three-day Notices

When you have an evictions attorney representing you, you can follow the precise process required in your state to evict tenants. The first step of that process may involve issuing three-day notices to people who are behind on their rent.

These three-day notices essentially make tenants aware that they need to pay their past due rent amounts in 72 hours or sooner. If they fail to pay the rent by the end of the 72-hour notice, you can then begin the proceedings to evict them lawfully from your properties.

Your evictions attorney can make sure the three-day notices abide by the tenant laws where your properties are located. They can also make sure each of your delinquent tenants receive the notice and are aware of them.

Going to Court

After the three day notices are served, you can then prepare to go to court to face off against your tenants who do not pay their rent. The court proceeding is required to give the tenants a chance to explain why they could not or did not pay their rent and find out if the judge is sympathetic to their argument.

However, your evictions attorney can also make sure your own side of the case is heard and explain why you cannot continue to provide free housing to people who have not paid their rent. They can convince the judge to side with you based on the laws in your state.

Enforcing 14-day Notices

Finally, your evictions attorney can make sure the 14-day notices to vacate your properties are enforced. They can have the sheriff's office remove tenants who still refuse to comply. Your evictions attorney can ensure properties are returned to your possession after tenants are evicted.

An evictions attorney can make sure you follow the required legal process to remove tenants. They can create and serve three and 14-day notices. They can also represent you in evictions hearings in court. Contact an eviction attorney law firm, such as Alaska Cascade Financial Services, near you to learn more.