Building A Sexual Assault Defense

If you are accused of sexual assault, you have to build a strong defense. Sexual assault is a serious felony that can lead to years spent in prison if you are convicted. An assault conviction could lead to you needing to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

You do not want to face a sexual assault conviction alone. It can have serious implications on your life. These are some of the ways you might build a defense.

Defense Includes an Alibi

An alibi gives you a reason why you cannot possibly have committed the offense. For example, you may have been somewhere else at the time you were accused of committing a crime. You cannot have been two places at once, so you can build a strong case by proving this.

Records are part of building an alibi. Perhaps you have a receipt that shows where you were at the time of the alleged offense. Maybe you are on video at a store or with friends at the time the incident occurred. This evidence can provide a strong case on your behalf.

Witnesses can also provide you with an alibi. For example, you may have three people who can vouch for you being somewhere at the time of the alleged assault. Their stories may all work together to prove you could not have been involved.

Defense Includes Developing a Misidentification Case

One way to make your case stronger is to prove that the individual placing you at the scene misidentified you. Often, DNA evidence is a great tool to use to prove that you were not the individual who committed the assault.

Defense Includes Establishing Consent

In some cases, defendants are able to establish that consent was given. Using this defense can be more difficult, as there is often no proof of consent in most relationships. It can be difficult to make this case, but a felony lawyer can help you build a narrative that establishes the likelihood that consent was given, for instance.

Work With an Attorney to Develop a Defense Strategy

If you want to build a strong case against a sexual assault allegation, you need a strong felony lawyer. Your attorney understands what is at stake, and they can help you determine the best way to move forward. Contact a felony lawyer today to begin building a strong defense for a sexual assault charge.