Top Reasons Why You Shouldn't Represent Yourself in a DWI Case

After being charged with a DWI, one of the first things that you have to determine is whether you are going to hire an attorney or represent yourself. The idea of representing yourself in court might seem like a good one, since you might want to avoid paying legal fees, and since you might not really know which attorney to hire anyway. However, there are quite a few important reasons why it's not a good idea to represent yourself in a DWI case. Once you consider these reasons, you might find that you like the idea of hiring a DWI attorney after all.

1. There's a Good Chance That You Don't Know the Law Well

Although you might know that it's illegal to drink and drive, you might not know a lot about DWI laws. DWI laws can vary from state to state and can vary based on the specific details of the case, such as whether you are facing your first DWI conviction or a subsequent DWI conviction. Obviously, this can make things confusing and can make it challenging for you to handle your case on your own. However, DWI attorneys who regularly handle DWI cases in your area should be very knowledgeable about DWI laws in your state. 

2. A DWI Can Have a Major Impact on Your Life

Many people are surprised by just how much a DWI conviction impacts their lives. DWIs can be very expensive, can cause you to lose your driver's license, can impact your ability to get a job or apartment, and more. If you don't have a solid understanding of the different ways that a DWI can have a major impact on your life, consider talking to a local DWI attorney so that you can find out more.

3. It's Very Possible That an Attorney Can Help You

One reason why you might be hesitant about hiring a DWI lawyer could be because you don't really think that one of these attorneys will really be able to help you. You might assume that the outcome of your case is going to be the same with or without an attorney, so you might be planning on just skipping the cost and process of hiring a lawyer. However, depending on the specifics of your case and the DWI attorney who you hire, there is a good chance that your lawyer can help you out.