4 Different Types Of Premise Liability Cases

If you were hurt on the premise of a business, you may have the ability to file a premise liability case under the umbrella of a personal injury case. A wide variety of cases can qualify as a premise liability case. If you were injured in any way at a business, you need to talk to an attorney and see if you have a premise liability case.

#1 Escalator Accident

Escalators are big pieces of machinery that need regular care and maintenance. If they are not taken care of properly, and someone is hurt because the business failed to take care of the escalator, the owner of the property could be responsible for any injury, assuming that the victim was using the escalator properly. Additionally, proper warning signs and instructions for the escalator have to be visible.

#2 Elevator Accidents

Just like escalators, elevators are also complex pieces of machinery that require regular maintenance. In fact, in most cities, the fire department inspects buildings' elevators to make sure that they meet safety standards.

When one gets into an elevator, they expect the elevator to function correctly. If you were to get stuck in an elevator or experience an accident in an elevator, such as it falling too fast or the doors shutting on you, and this accident occurred because the elevator wasn't taken care of correctly, you would have a premise liability case to pursue.

#3 Animal Bite Accident

Often, when someone is bitten by an animal, the animal's owner is held responsible. If the dog bite happened on a business property, either the animal's owner or the owner of the business could be held responsible. In most cases, unless the dog was defending itself from someone being violent, you are on the winning side of a dog or animal bite case. Animal bites can be very serious, and when one occurs, the responsible parties can be held to their responsibility with a premise liability suit.

#4 Slip and Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling are not only not fun or funny, but they can also be serious. One can sustain serious injuries by slipping and falling. These injuries can increase in severity with age.

It is the responsibility of the business owner to prevent slip and falls. For example, if there is a hole in the ground and the business knows about it, the hole should be properly labeled. Or if there is a water spill, there should be caution signs up and the water should be taken care of right away. If there are any signs that the business owner or property owner knew that there was a danger present and didn't take steps to mitigate the danger or clean up the danger, that is another type of premise liability suit.

If you were hurt at all while you are on the premise of a business, you may have grounds to file a premise-based personal injury liability case. Contact an attorney at a firm like Carter & Fulton, P.S. to see if you have a case you can proceed with.