3 Ways To Pay Your Attorney Fees

Being injured is sure to be the last thing you'll want to endure. However, it's possible to be involved in this situation during any stage of life. The first thing you may have on your mind in a position of this type is getting the justice you deserve. This makes it ideal to take legal action against the person that contributed to your accident if possible. Being aware of specific ways to pay your lawyer is certain to be helpful. 

1. Hourly 

If you want to have a more precise idea of what your case will cost, you may want to consider paying per hour. Of course, the first thing you'll want to know is the amount your attorney charges per hour and the number of hours that are estimated to complete your case.

Paying by this method will allow you to shop around for the lowest price and this may be helpful when it comes to saving you money.

2. Flat fee

It's not necessarily typical for a personal injury case to be paid with only a flat fee rate, but it's possible. The key to being able to do this will primarily rest in the willingness of the attorney.

It may be more likely to pay in this way if you have a smaller injury that won't take a lot of time and could potentially be settled out of court.

3. Contingency fees

You may find that many lawyers working on behalf of your injury lawsuit prefer to be paid by what is known as a contingency fee.  This is a bit more complicated than the other charges mentioned.

Below are some of the details that are typical of contingency fees but are decided on by your attorney:

1.    It's possible you may not have to pay unless you win your case.

2.    The number of your fees will be a percentage of the settlement you obtain.

Of course, every attorney is entitled to set the rules when it comes to the preciseness of the contingency situation.

Working to get your attorney paid is sure to be foremost on your mind if you've been hurt due to the fault of another individual. The best way to avoid some unwanted surprises is by being prepared for this as much as possible. Be sure to work with a law firm like The Outlawyer - Abbott Law Firm to determine the type of payment you should make for your legal advice today!