Questions to Ask When You Are Hiring a Traffic Law Attorney

If you have received a traffic ticket, you may be considering hiring an attorney to help you fight the ticket. Fighting traffic tickets is becoming more prominent with companies popping up that focus specifically on this task. This is because the cost of fines for traffic tickets are expensive and your insurance can increase if you are found guilty of the infraction you are said to have committed. But before you hire a traffic law attorney, it is important to understand that not every law firm is the same.

Here are a few questions to ask when you are looking to hire a traffic law attorney to help you with a traffic ticket. 

What Percentage of Cases Do You Win?

One of the most important questions to ask when you are hiring a traffic law attorney is what percentage of traffic ticket cases they have won. While no attorney will have a perfect track record, you want to find one with a high percentage of either winning their cases or getting traffic tickets dismissed. Be weary of law firms that have a low percentage of wins or dismissals. 

Do You Show Up in Court? 

Another important question to ask when you are looking to hire a traffic law attorney is whether they will actually show up in traffic court. The strategy used by many of the firms that fight traffic tickets is to simply contest the ticket and hope the officer who wrote the ticket does not appear in court. If this happens, the case against you is dropped. If this is the law firms strategy, they likely won't appear in court with you. Ultimately, you have to decide if this is a strategy you feel comfortable with and if you feel comfortable with the outcome if the officer does show up to traffic court. 

Do You Charge a Flat Fee or By the Hour?

The last question to ask is whether the attorney charges a flat fee to fight your ticket or whether they charge by the hour. Many firms that simply contest a ticket will charge a flat fee. Those who will show up to court and build a defense tend to charge by the hour. You usually end up paying more when you are charged by the hour, so always weigh the cost of the ticket and insurance increase compared to the attorney fees when deciding which option may be better for you. 

Every law firm handles traffic tickets differently. If you are looking to fight a traffic ticket that you received, always ask a law firm you are considering hiring these questions. This will help you determine if this is the right law firm for you.