3 Situations In Which You Might Want To Hire A Speeding Ticket Attorney

Speeding tickets can be quite expensive and have certain consequences that you do not have time for, such as attending traffic school. For this reason, you will want to consider whether or not fighting your ticket can have a successful outcome. To have better chances, you should also hire a speeding ticket attorney to help you. However, you should only consider fighting your ticket in these situations:

You Can Challenge the Officer's Version of Events: 

The officer may have pulled you over because you were speeding, but if you can possibly prove that you had to speed up to avoid a danger, such as a car swerving, then you should do this. Of course, you will need witnesses, which is difficult to come by unless you had passengers in your vehicle. If you have this and can present a reason behind your increased speed, you should hire a speeding ticket attorney to help you develop your defense to fight the ticket. 

You Were Mistaken on the Speeding Laws: 

If you have recently moved to a new state, the traffic laws may be different, such as the speed limit on the freeway. If you can prove that this was a mistake on your part and you have never received a ticket for this in the current state before, then your ticket may be pardoned. You may also be pardoned if the speed signs on a road were not clearly visible for you to determine what speed you should've been traveling at. 

You Were Written Up for Violating a Law That You Were Not Violating: 

Sometimes, the officer may have made a mistake by writing the wrong vehicle code on your ticket. If the vehicle code was not written correctly and states that you were violating some other law aside from speeding, then the consequences you receive will not reflect the law that you have actually violated. For this reason, you will want to fight the ticket, which can be done if you have a witness or if the officer is nice enough to admit their mistake. The officer could have also written in the incorrect speed at which you were traveling. Of course, you will also need a witness for this, as well since they can provide a statement indicating what speed you were actually traveling at. 

When you know these three situations in which fighting your speed ticket is best, then you know when you should consult a speeding ticket attorney in your area, such as those found at The Law Office of Gregory J. Hermiller, LLC.