Legal Help: Accidentally Hurting A Bystander During A Club Brawl

Did a bystander accidentally get hurt during a brawl that you had at a club and now you are facing criminal charges? Rather than accepting any kind of charges that you are faced with, you might want to hire a criminal lawyer to help you possibly get the minimum punishment for your actions. Find out below about a few of the things that will take place when you hire a lawyer for your criminal case, as well as what his or her rate might be.

What Takes Place During a Consultation with a Criminal Lawyer?

You will be asked various questions when you first talk to a criminal lawyer. The questions will be geared toward what happened when the brawl took place in the club. For instance, you might be asked how the fight got started and if you were under the influence of alcohol or not. You will also be asked if you noticed the innocent bystander in the midst of all of the commotion.  Keep in mind that the questions are necessary for the lawyer to prepare a good defense, which is why you must be truthful so he or she will be ready for anything that the prosecutor brings up in court.

How Will a Criminal Lawyer Prove that the Minimum Sentence is Deserved?

The thing that your lawyer will do is thoroughly review your criminal background, as it is the most important thing that will determine the severity of your punishment. For instance, if you don't have much of a criminal past, you are not likely to be sentenced to the maximum extent of punishment for your crime. If you were drunk, the lawyer will prove that you were not in your right mind due to the alcohol and didn't notice the bystander. He or she will also highlight the positive things about your life, such as your career, family life, educational level and overall character. If jail time is what you are facing, the lawyer might be able to get you probation and community service as punishment instead.

What is the Estimated Rate Charged by a Criminal Lawyer?

The rate that you are charged for a criminal lawyer to defend you will depend on the complexity of your case. If you have a big criminal record, it can make getting you easier punishment more difficult, which will require more labor from the lawyer. You will either be quoted an hourly rate or flat fee during your initial consultation. The hourly rate is estimated to be $100 or more.

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