10 Ways To Make Divorce Mediation Work For You

Divorce mediation can make great sense for divorcing couples who still get along well with each other. You can save time, money and stress by participating in this non-adversarial method of working out issues with a professional mediator. Being able to discuss hot-button issues like child support, custody, and visitation as well as marital property and debt division with an attitude toward resolving differences outside of court is key to mediation success. For 10 tips to make mediation work for you, read on.

1.  It's important that both parties be fully on-board for mediation to be successful, so don't even attempt it without your partner's cooperation.

2.  Stick to resolving only one major issue at a time before moving on. Don't allow yourself or your partner to get distracted.

3.  Decide ahead of time, privately, how far you are willing to compromise and what issues are non-negotiable. It will help you to keep the big picture in mind for possible compromises.

4.  Allow yourself to empathize with your partner's viewpoints. Putting yourself in their shoes for a moment can help you look at issues from a new perspective.

5.  A major component of mediation is negotiation, which means a willingness to make concessions on some issues in return for getting what you really want on others.

6.  Be respectful and don't interrupt while your partner is speaking. It may be helpful to take notes so that you can speak your mind when the time comes.

7.  Making ultimatums runs counter to good mediation techniques. It provides you with a temporary sense of power, but can ultimately cause you to weaken your stance and cause demoralization when you are forced to back down.

8.  Focus on the future and moving beyond the issues that caused rifts in your relationship. Mediation is not marital therapy, so stay focused on the important issues concerning your divorce, not dredging up past faults and casting blame.

9.  Resist the urge to fall back into old patterns of conflict by inciting emotions in your partner that can only result in more anger and drama. Likewise, don't allow yourself to react to your partner's well-placed jabs.

10. Keep a respectful and polite conversational tone while interacting with each other during the meetings. Screaming and name-calling could bring your mediation hopes to an end, and with it a chance to work out your issues in a less-costly and timely manner.

If you and your soon-to-be ex can work together to resolve issues without going to court, everybody will win. With the help of a family law attorney who supports mediation and two willing people, mediation could be the perfect solution for ensuring that you can have a less stressful divorce experience.

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