Diagnosed With Cancer: Why You Need An Estate Plan

Did you recently find out that you have cancer? During such an uncertain time, it is a good idea to prepare for the unknown by having an estate plan in place for more security in the future. Find out below how an estate plan can be helpful when suffering from cancer, as well as what a family law attorney charges to help out with the paperwork.

How Can an Estate Plan Benefit Someone Who Has Cancer?

It is possible that you can become incompetent when battling cancer, which means that you will have to rely on other people for various things in your life. If you want to feel confident that you are in the hands of people who care, prepare an estate plan that will allow you to appoint trustees over your health and assets. You can pick one or multiple trustees if you desire to do so, and a trustee can be replaced down the line if you decide that someone else has your best interest at heart.

How you are cared for in the event that cancer takes a turn for the worse can be placed in the hands of a trustee. For instance, the trustee will have the ability to choose a good doctor for treatment. If the disease becomes terminal and leads to you having to be on life support, the trustee can decide whether or not the doctors should take you off.

You can also appoint a trustee over your assets to make sure they are handled properly. The trustee will make sure your house is maintained in a good condition, and that the house is not sold in the event that your condition becomes fatal. However, he or she can also sell the house if it is your will. The trustee will also monitor for bank account and debts on your behalf.

What Will a Lawyer Charge to Help with an Estate Plan?

The price charged by a lawyer is usually a flat fee that can cost an estimate of $800 or more. The fee will depend on the number of assets that you own and how many trustees it is that you want named in the estate plan. You can count on the lawyer to make sure that you are choosing trustees that are in your best interest. Stop by a law firm and speak with a family lawyer about drafting up an estate plan as soon as possible!