Housing And Bill Assistance For Disabled Individuals

If you are on Social Security Disability or Social Security Supplemental Income, you may qualify for certain housing grants or programs that will help you obtain housing or make your current home handicap accessible. The Social Security Administration does not have any programs in place for individuals on their assistance programs, there are housing programs available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD has a special designated housing program available especially for disabled persons. This article will give you an overview on a few different programs out there specifically for the disabled.

Housing Voucher 

The Social Security Administration is not the quickest administration when it comes to approving applicants for their applications for disability to be approved. And while HUD has a voucher program waiting list that can take individuals months, if not years, to be approved, they do make exceptions for the elderly and the disabled, as well as families who have children.  There are also two programs available through HUD, called the "designated housing" and "certain voucher program developments" voucher programs, both of which are for people with disabilities.

Local Housing Authority

Individuals who are interested in applying for the designated housing or voucher program developments can apply through their local public housing authority. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also administers programs that are designed to provide long-term housing to individuals with disabilities who do not have a home. Anyone interested in those types of programs should contact the Social Security Administration or a place like Freeman & Freeman for more information.

Assistance with Bills

Individuals who are on disability may have a difficult time paying the bills after they've been able to secure some type of housing. As a result, there are programs out there specifically designed to help disabled people pay the bills. From assistance with water and electric bills, to help paying for their phone or internet, each state has programs set up specifically for low-income disabled individuals. 

Accessible Home Grants

Lastly, there are programs that are available that can help disabled make their home more handicap accessible. There are a number of government or non-profit grants out there that can help disabled individuals pay for home modifications. This includes changes in living space in order to meet the needs of the disabled family member or anyone who has any physical limitations. These grants may also be able to help disabled people obtain homes that are already modified to meet the needs of a disabled person.